Armed robbery gang known as One Million Boys writes Ojo

Residents of Ojo and Badagary local government areas say they received a threat letter from members of a dare devil armed robbery gang known as One Million boys, telling them of their plans to visit their neighbourhood soon. The robbers asked the residents to keep money in their home for when they come or be prepared to die. the robbers said they were coming to attack after four of their members were arrested during a robbery in the area three days ago. Over 20 robbers reportedly attacked Ojo/Badagry residents during the robbery. Many were injured but nobody was killed.
Residents who had no money were cut with machetes while the women were raped or asked to sleep with blood relations. Photo of one of the residents injured above. While the robbery was going on, youths in the area confronted the robbers, overpowered them and were able to hold on to four of them who they handed over to the Ajangbadi Police station.
The suspects have been transferred to SCID, Panti, Yaba for further interrogation. The threat letter has put the residents in perpetual fear and has forced the men in the area to keep vigil

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