How to use Etisalat’s Magic IP To Browse For Free Using Psiphon

Good evening, did you know that you can set your phone to be browsing and downloading unlimitedly for free using some IP address codes from Etisalat which where termed as magic IPs. Some guys have since been enjoying this cool trick to surf the net without much stress.. Requirements: Psiphon vpn apps Download it here Without long story, have the following settings on your phone: Go to Settings and Set your Access Point as: ¤ APN: ETISALAT ¤ IP proxy: Leave it empty ¤ PORT: leave it empty Psiphon settings Open the Psiphon app you’ve just downloaded and configure it as: ¤ Proxy type : reverse proxy ¤ Proxy server: leave the remaining fields and save. A message will pop up asking on weather you want to use psiphon browser only or Tunnel whole device.Choose tunnel whole device Then it will take you to the next screen. Click on the option tab, and under region selectUSAserver, and then click on more option. Then click on more option.

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