We must advise Buhari correctly — Ebun Adegboruwa

Lagos lawyer, Ebun Adegboruwa, says President Muhammadu Buhari ought to be properly advised on human rights issues amid to the on-going anti-corruption crusade so that he is not accused of vendetta

Apart from the scourge of military coups, no other thing has dealt more harm to Nigeria than corruption.
Once a leader comes in and says ‘I want to fight corruption’, it gingers the people because corruption has led to the collapse of infrastructure and so many other things; for a leader to endear himself to Nigerians, all he needs to do is to assume office and proclaim anti-corruption war.
Have we always had this with past leaders?
Of course, virtually every leader had claimed to attempt to fight corruption.
As a matter of fact, former President Olusegun Obasanjo started this with ICPC and EFCC.
Some people criticised it then that it was not necessary
No. What some of us said at that time was that the two bodies shouldn’t be set up to the detriment of the other agencies of government like the police because the police is everywhere while the EFCC is only in Lagos and Abuja.
Do you agree with the claim that some form of witch-hunting is going on?
When Buhari was campaigning, he made war on corruption a campaign issue and, since he came to power, that has been our national anthem. You wake up in the morning, it is anti-corruption, you go to the toilet, you evacuate anti-corruption and it has now become the only song we hear and it seems to have become a distraction.
We support the war against corruption because it has eaten deep into almost every facet of our national life.
In the judiciary, an emergency should be declared because what is going on there is not normal

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