Adobe Expands Its Mobile Portfolio With Experience Manager

Adobe announced a number of new products at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona today that will expand the company’s set of mobile core services in its Marketing Cloud and make it easier for enterprises to manage content for their mobile apps.
Adobe’s Experience Manager, its enterprise tool for building content-rich sites, is getting the biggest update today. The company is introducing Adobe Experience Manager Mobile, an additional version of the Experience Manager tool that will allow enterprises to build and manage mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows that plug into their existing enterprise content management systems. Using the tool, anybody inside a company can build a template for a basic content-driven mobile app and then connect it to the company’s data sources.
With Experience Manager Mobile, the company is essentially combining the capabilities of its existing — and rather developer-centric — Experience Manger Apps and its more designer-focused Digital Publishing Solution.
Adobe argues that for most companies the problem isn’t so much building apps but maintaining them and keeping them updated.
Experience Manger Mobile works somewhat similar to some of Adobe’s other designer-centric tools like Muse— but the focus here is more on building templates and connecting them to data than on designing a single HTML site. Experience Manager Mobile uses a grid-based design tool that’s similar to the likes of Muse, but instead of writing static content for the app, designers can then add ‘cards’ that can be hooked up to an enterprise’s data sources.

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