FG is winning war against Boko Haram – Poll

More of our readers believe the Federal Government is winning the war against Boko Haram, a poll about the ongoing war on terror shows.
Following recent suicide attacks by the terrorist group and the criticism attracted by the Federal Government’s declaration that it had technically defeated the group, we asked our readers whether they believe the war was being won.
Fifty-two per cent of the respondents said Nigeria was winning the war, while 41.1 per cent maintained that it wasn’t.
In December, President Muhammadu Buhari said that the Federal Government had “technically won the war” against Boko Haram.
The President told theBCC, Buhari that the militant group could no longer mount “conventional attacks” against security forces or population centres.
The claim, however, drew criticism, especially as Boko Haram intensified suicide attacks afterwards.
On Saturday night, the terror group killed 86 people when it overran Dalori, a village four kilometres outside Maiduguri.
The hideous attack, during which the group burnt children, along with attacks in Cameroon and other parts of the country prompted donors to plegde $250m to the fight against Boko Haram. They made the pledge at the African Union summit on Monday.
While the recent attacks have caused many to criticise the government, more readers believe it is only a matter of time before the group is defeated.
Here are some of the reasons respondents to the poll gave for their position on the ongoing war against Boko Haram

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