How to Change Wifi Password in MacBook Pro or Air

Recently I change the BSNL Wifi password in my home and I can’t join the Wifi network in MacBook Pro. Unfortunately there is no option in Mac OS X like“forget this network”option which is available on iPhone.
I tried deleting the network under the advanced network settings too, but when I go back to join the wifi again it doesn’t ask me for the password. Since it is still using the old password, it won’t connect.
So, let’s see how to change or delete Wifi password stores in Mac OS X using “Keychain Access” tool available in Mac OS X. Before moving on to solution lets see four articles which is worth reading.

1.You need know how to Create Strong Wifi Passwords which takes Years to Crack

2. If you issues with remembering all passwords you could use Keepass software which stores all passwords securely.

3. Mac users must know How to create a password- protected (encrypted) disk image in Mac OS X .I use this disk image to store all secret files to hide information from friends and family members.
4. If you are BSNL broadband user then learn How to Change BSNL Broadband Plan Online.

Follow the below steps for to fix Wifi connecting problems in MacBook Pro or Air.
*.Goto Utilities and click“Keychain Access”
*.Choose the System Keychain of the left, passwords on the lower list. Right click on the network name and select delete. This willdeleteyour old password.
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*.Also, be sure to delete the Wifi password under“System”.
*.Restartyour MacBook Pro or Air.
If you face any issue in resetting Wifi network password use comment section and I will help you out

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