Samsung Reveals The Gear 360 Camera

The future will be filmed in 360 degrees. Samsung joins LG and others in announcing at MWC 2016 a new and compact camera that’s capable of filming everything thanks to two lenses. Called the Gear 360, the little sphere is designed to sit on a table or tripod or even hung from a drone and capture 360 degrees of video — you know, content perfect for viewing on your Gear VR.
The design is compact. The Gear 360 is a bit smaller than a tennis ball and weighs only 153 grams, just a gram less than the weight of the new Galaxy S7. The dual lens spherical camera also includes a pair of microphones for audio capture, a microSD slot to allow memory expansion up to 128GB, and a removable battery which should allow up to 140 minutes of active use. The camera includes four different shooting modes: video, photo, time lapse video and looping video.
Unlike Project Beyond, a 360 camera which Samsung showed off in late 2014, the Gear 360 is seems to be more heavily tailored towards consumers than professionals. Project Beyond was oddly shaped likean actual gearand housed 16 HD cameras which altogether gathered in a gigapixel every second, the Gear 360 conversely is compact and houses just a pair of fisheye F2.0 lenses that can capture near-4K (3840 x 1920) quality video or 30 megapixel photos

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