Two main reasons why your Hard disk expire and cannot be formatted

No need of description, we're going to mention two of the main reasons why your hard disk expire at a time and cannot be formatted.

Computer hard disk is like a memory card, all files in computer were stored in hard disk.. There are 3 types of hard disk namely; 500GB, 250GB, 160GB etc. All there are the size of hard disks in Gigga Bytes. Normally, you dont need to loose your files and even the hard disk, so you need to follow the two instructions given below:

1. Dont shake your computer too much
Some people often shakes their computer unknowngly they even dont know which kind of problem it causes. But stop doing this it causes a problem into your computer's hard disk

2. Virus
Too much virus in your computer sometimes causes to damage your computer's hadr disk. A virus easily spreads to your computer through, email, downloading files (from untrusted servers), and even through using an USB to connect your PC with your phone and browse and transfer files etc

How to Protect your computer from virus

There are many ways to protect your PC from a virus, it was posted here for the last 5days, but here I will try my best to mention you some ways that you can try.

1. Stop downloading and installing files from untrusted servers
When trying to download or install a file, your pc sometimes tells you that the file was from untrusted server.. As soon as you get this notification, dont install the file, it may cause a problem to your pc and even transfer malware

2. Download and Install USB Security
This is not compulsory, but if you're connecting your pc from your phone through USB cable you need to download this USB Security

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