USB Flash Data Recovery v7.0

Easily Recover Deleted Datas from USB Drives:
There are many uses of USB flash drive (pen drive), including frompersonal data storage toportable Desktop computing. The files and folders lost from thestorage mediacan bevery frustrating. USB drive data recovery software scans thedigital media and salvages lost andaccidently deleted datain the easiest way .Comprehensive analysis ofdamaged media,combined withhigh-tech tools and techniques, give in the highest quality results with great ease and turn around time.
* Easily recovers data within short duration of time.
*Easy to use and does not require any technical skills to operate the software.
* Supports all major file formats including jpg, gif, jpeg, midi, mpeg, tiff etc.
* Provide fastest turn around time for the complete data recovery.
*Ability to preview files before actual data recovery.
*Provide windows explorer style user interface.
* Works with all major USB drive likeThumb drive, Jump drive, Key drive, Flash driveetc.
* Supports major manufacturer including Kingston, Sandisk, Transcend, Jet flash, Sonyetc.
Data recovery support to:
*Logically corrupted or damaged media.
*Accidental deletion of files & folders.
*Virus infected data drives.
* Formatted USB flash drive.

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