How to remove shortcut virus from Pen Drive & PC

Viruses are the major problem for tech people these days. Viruses cause system slow down and malfunctioning of the software programs installed and leads to degradation of the system performance. So want to know what is virus and how it will spread and effect the systems? follow the article to make your systems virus resistance. Virus is a computer program which can replicate itself and spread from one system to other system. It will enter and spread into your system files with out your wish and it will run against your intention and finally starts degrading the system performance. All these viruses are Man-made programs which they create and insert to execute the program. VIRUS stands for “VITAL INFORMATION RESOURCE UNDER SIEGE”.

Effects of Virus:
*.It will use all the available memory to hang your system and it may cause halt in your work.
*.It has capability to erase entire hard drive.
*.It can modify and change the format of data which leads to data corruption.
*.It shows stupid messages on your screen while working.
Types of Short Cut Virus
You may heard about many viruses but in brief I will explain you two common software viruses which are quite common in our daily life which makes us very hard to get rid of them.
So those kind of viruses are:
1. Files and Folders Shortcut Virus.
2. Flash Drive Shortcut Virus.
Files and Folders Shortcut Virus:
Files and folders virus is a shortcut virus which will spread easily when you open a file or a folder which contains it. Then it will spread to each and every folder or file of your system. It will create a replica of existing file to confuse you while opening and this will cause data corruption and inconsistency in your system. Moving forward you will surely face serious issues with this virus.

Flash Drive Shortcut Virus:
This is one kind of trojan which will hide inside a folder by displaying itself as a flash drive. When you click on it, this virus will initiates its process of stealing data from various folders and files. This is so Complicated virus I have ever seen. I sincerely suggest you to follow the below preventive methods to avoid data loss.

How to Remove Shortcut Virus:

I have 2 preventive methods which are very effective in rescuing your system from viruses. Let me explain you briefly to follow and save your desktops from these virus effects.
1.Download Hidden folder virus and run it on your system. It is capable in deleting all the virus from internal and portable systems. Your files are clean and safe.
2.Download Trojan Remover tool which is good and very efficient to clean all the trojan files and keep your files and hard disk clean.

How to Remove Shortcut Virus:
we hope you people would surely love the article and please let us know if you have any problems related to above viruses and let us help. If you feel this article helped you alot in preventing virus, please dont forget to share this app on your social profile links so you can help your family and friends.

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