How To Unlock Phones Without PC Or Any Software

A Very Important Trick Which I'm Sure Will Be Of Great Use To Most Of Us, If Not All Of Us.
I'm Very Sure That Most People Have Searched For Such A Trick. The Most Amazing Thing About This Trick Is That It Works Without Any Code Inputing.

The Trick Is Very Easy To Execute But You Must Be Fast While Pressing Your Keypad.
If Your Phone Is Locked And You Have Forgotten The Code, This Trick Will Come In Handy.

To Execute This Trick, Press UNLOCK Then *. In The Space Provided For The Code, Type In 112 And Dial. As Soon As You Have Dialed It, Quickly Press END KEY And Then OK. And That's It, Your Phone Is Unlocked.

NOTE: The End Key And The Ok Key Should Pressed Within One Or Two Seconds.
When You Have Unlocked Your Phone, It Will Never Lock Itself Unless You Dial Any Number. Even If You Press Menu Then *, It Won't Still Lock Itself Though It Will Say Keypad Locked.
It Works On All Nokia Phones. I Don't Know For Other Phones. I Suggest Someone Should Give It A Try On Other Phones Apart From Nokia

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