How to Use New Updated Google Offline Maps On Android

Download Google Maps on Android: Going to a foreign country without knowing any routes and places can be frustrating and intimidating. One of my friend recently travelled to the US, and he was pretty much tethered to his computer looking for directions and memorizing them or jotting them down in his notes app. Part of the reason for this is using mapping apps like Google Maps, or Apple Maps can be very strain on limited data plans that make us to pay over charges if you use mobile data to check the routes. Maps apps being large and data rich as they are can immediately eat up your data plan when traversing an area.
So Google realized finally and added offline maps to support its popular product for Android initially. The company is expected to provide iPhone and iPad support soon so that they can build apple user base. We previously looked at offline maps, but this new update works differently. With the old method when you are offline, you can pan and zoom offline maps, but you can’t search or get directions. You can only download a certain portion of a map 50 km by 50 km. Saved areas of a map are automatically cleared after 30 days. With this update, those limitations are removed.
Use Google Offline Maps (Download Google Maps)
First, you need to run Google Android and make sure you have access to a wireless connection. So if you have an Android device, make sure you launch Play Store and update to the latest version. Wherever you stay please get a wifi connection and then launch Google Maps, tap offline areas, and then tap the “+” icon or search for a city or country then tap the download button.
Of course, I wouldn’t recommend you download an entire state, but for a particular area you might be travelling to, this can be handy. For me, this would have been great since I was staying in downtown Seattle and the Bellevue areas. Keep in mind, these maps are large and can use up a big chunk of storage space. When you’re ready to use your offline maps or have a bad connection, Google Maps will do the work for you by automatically switching to offline mode and switching you back when there is a good Wi-Fi connection.

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