Top (10) easy steps to Improve Your Laptop Battery Life

Now-a-days most of the laptops are draining out of power due to the worst performance of their batteries. Even new laptops with MAC operation systems face this type of situation within one year. So Laptop batteries experiencing very low span of life and here comes the tutorial about “How to Improve Laptop Battery Life“.
We would like to guide you some steps to follow them and have better battery life for your laptops. Go with the below steps to extend life span of your laptop battery.

How to Improve Laptop Battery Life

1. Adjust Brightness of the Screen:

Usually the laptop’s comes with full brightness and you have to modify the settings in such a way that you can comfort your eyes by leveling the brightness to low level where you also can save power which will increase the life span of the battery.

2. End Background Programs:

Sometimes you laptop may run background programs even though you shutdown your system which will drain the battery out of power. So check and end all the background programs before you shutdown your laptop. This will surely increase the life span of your laptop battery.

3. Use High Speed RAM:

Try to use High speed RAM which has more Space will improve your system performance in terms of multi-tasking and also will support your battery to increase its life time by consuming very less power.

4. Avoid Playing Games:

Try to avoid playing games in your laptop because this will drain your battery out of power, if you have gaming laptop then don’t play games from CD/DVD. Try to install those games on your laptop and play carefully and I would suggest to not play games on laptop to increase life span of your battery.

5. Defrag Hard Drive Regularly:

If your hard drive perform well then the laptop consume very less power which will increase the performance and life span of the battery. So try to defragment the hard disk regularly to increase life span of your laptop battery.

6. Remove External Devices:

Remove other external devices like USB and other gadgets which will make your laptop to drain out of power. Use them when ever you need and remove after you finish your work.

7. Shutdown Wi-Fi:

Try to shutdown the wi-fi as soon as you finish the work with it, because many laptops will have the connection even after their work and this will ruin their battery life.

8. Work more on Hard Drive:

Try to work more on Hard Drive rather than CD/DVD, because these external devices may decrease the life span of your laptop Battery.

9. Make Use of Hibernate:

Try to use Hibernate rather than using Stand by, because this will enhances the performance and life span of your battery.

10. Clean the Fan and Battery Contacts:

Clean the Fan and battery contacts regularly with wet cloth using alcohol. This will keep the battery clean and help to increase the performance of the battery.

We feel the above steps will surely help you to increase the laptop battery life and feel free to contact us if you have any doubts regarding How to Improve Laptop Battery Life with your valuable comments.

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