Android: 3 Tips To Conserve Mobile Data

Smartphones are great. Having instant access to the Internet in your pocket all the time is pretty addicting. That can mean you’ll go through a data plan pretty fast if you aren’t careful. Then you’re stuck not using data or paying a fee for going over your plan’s allowance.
I’ve got 3 tips that can help you save that precious data.

Use WiFi!
Connect your phone to your home WiFi and your work WiFi if that’s permitted. Then you can play games (only at lunch when you’re at work), check Facebook, use messaging apps and stream music and movies without using your data plan. I’d avoid streaming music and most especially movies unless you’re connected to WiFi. That could cost you a fortune. Since I have a phone that allows me to use an additional microSD storage card, I load some music up on that card to play when I’m not connected to Wifi.
I’m not so keen on connecting to public WiFi in coffee shops and restaurants because you never really know who else is on the network or how secure it is.
To set up WiFi just go to settings and tap the WiFi Icon. You’ll then need to enter your network password. You can then tell your device to remember that network, and it will automatically connect after that.
Limit your mobile data. Go to Settings and tap Data usage.
You’ll see the option to check Limit mobile data usage and also to be alerted about data usage. Checking the alert is a good idea if data usage has been a problem in the past.
Tap the box next to Limit mobile data usage.
You’ll get a notice that your mobile data will automatically be turned off when you reach the limit you select.
You can then use the slider bar to adjust the amount of data.
Turn mobile data off. Just uncheck the box next to mobile data to completely turn it off. If you’re having battery issues with a phone, this option can save you a lot of juice. Just remember to turn it back on when you need to connect to the Internet.

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