JavaScript: Why is it the most popular language

Why JavaScript is one of the top popular Programming Languages?
Hello friends, am here to give a shot introduction on JavaScript; Why is it the top popular programming language.
JavaScript is Server side programming language, very simple, easy to work used to develop web pages. You can display an alert, prompt box, form, interface, etc all with JavaScript. It uses .html extension and easy to run on any browser. You can learn JS even on your mobile phone without using computer. Most hosts accepts JS either paid free, on the other hand you must have even a little knowledge on HTML and CSS before jumping to JavaScript.
Most Programmers and developers uses JS, HTML and CSS as front-end and PHP and any other language as the back-end. On my own view, when you want to start learning I suggested you JS before jumping to any language, but note that HTML is not a programming language, I wrote an article about this last week..!

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