Top 10 Blogs Which Are Using WordPress Platform

As you all know that wordpress is most used blogging platform now a days. According to a survey 52 percent blogs are on wordpress platform. But you may be unaware of which top blogs are using this platform. So now i am going to tell you about such graet blogs which are using wordpress platform.

These blogs are not only in top 10 wordpress blogs but also come in top 100 blogs in world wide web and also you are familiar with most of them.

1. Mashable
As you all know about Mashable, its a news blog and using wordpress platform. Its alexa rank is 219 and google page rank is 8.

2. Techcrunch
Techcrunch also don’t need any introduction. It’s a technology blog and it is also using wordpress platform. Its alexa rank is 385 and pr is 8.

3. TheBlaze
TheBlaze is an informative, news and entertainment website which is using wordpress with alexa rank of 556 and pr 6.

4. TheNextWeb
TheNextWeb is a blog related to business and technology with alexa rank of 1240 and pr 7.

5. InfoWars
InfoWars is a documentary website and using wordpress too. Its alexa rank is 1243 and pr is7.

6. Arstechnica
Arstechina is also a technology blog with news, information and reviews. Its alexa rank is 1543 with pr 7.

7. VentureBeat
VentureBeat is also a technolgy website running on wordpress platform and having alexa rank of 2078 and pr 7.

8. DeadLine
Deadline is a blog on films, music, albums and more stuff like this. Its alexa rank is 3005 and pr is7.

9. Gigaom
Gigaom is also a popular business and technolgy related website with alexa rank of 3084 and pr 7.

10. BoingBoing
BoingBoing is a multiple topic website which uses wordpress platform. Its alexa rank is 3379 and pr is 8.
So this is the list of Top 10 blogs which are using wordpress platform.

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