Google releases Android 7.0 Nougat for Nexus devices

Google has finally dropped Android 7.0 Nougat from the heavens. In what felt like an eternal wait for the latest version of Android, Android Nougat has finally graced the Nexus family. Aside from the obvious good news here, this also means that the rest of the ecosystem – yes, your Android device – should soon receive Nougat as well.

Hallelujah. Whether you were anticipating the release or not, this is bignews for the mobile technology world. We've reported on each update – pushed out as staggered developer previews since March 17. For us here at Technology hub, and for scores of Android users around the world, the release of a major new version is an important eventon the calendar. For some, this is bigger than the release of any new phone. It's an evolution of Android and arguably more significant than any one device

Therelease of Nougat differs a little from that of Marshmallow and Lollipop. The main difference is that we've seen manufacturers play a more proactive role than what we're used to. Well, not inreleasing their own builds, but in makinga public display of their development efforts. LG, for example, has said that theLG V20 will run Nougat, a beta build is available forselect LG G5 owners, plus a beta build for the Huawei P9 alsorecently leaked. Normally, we wouldn't expect to see updates floating around until months after Nexus devices get theirs.So, as mentioned, Google is releasing the Nougat update for Nexus devices. We've reported on which ones will and will not receive it – the most notable omission being the Nexus 5. But the good news is, if you own a newer Nexus device, then you're at the front of the line to get it. Here is a list of those which are receiving Nougat:
*.Nexus 9 4G (volantis)
*.Nexus Player (fugu)
*.Pixel C (ryu)
*.Nexus 5X (bullhead)
*.Nexus 6 (Shamu)
*.Nexus 6P (angler)
*.Nexus 9 (Volantis)

Have you already tried the final Android Nougat build? Let us know what you think of it in the comments or mail

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