Pokémon Go tips and tricks: How to become a Pokémon Master

Nintendo had nothing to offer the smartphone space for more than half a decade and then it hit a home run with Pokémon Go. It's a crazy popularapp, but it's not always intuitive, and many people are still in the dark on some of its less transparent features. To help ensure you become the best Pokémon Trainer you can be, here is a list of the best Pokémon Go tips and tricks around.

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1. Quickly find nearby Pokémon You can view nearby Pokémon by tapping the white rectangular bar at the bottom right of your screen. A window will open revealing which Pokémon are close by; tap one of them and they will appear in the white bar on the main screen (as a silhouette, if that Pokémon hasn't been discovered yet). Want to find exactly where they are? When you move in that Pokémon's direction you will see a green rectangle flash around the white bar: this means you're on the right track. Keep heading in that direction to find that Pokémon. Also, consider the number of footprints beneath the Pokémon icons. One meansthey are very close to your current position while three means they are much further away.

2. Make use of the commute Poké Stops are where you can stock up on your Poké balls and other items, but unlike catching Pokémon, this can easilybe done from within moving vehicles.The number of Poké Stops will differ depending on your route, but you shouldbe able to cash in on them even when flying past. Just have your phone ready and start spinning that dial before you approach.

3. Get more from your Lucky Eggs Lucky Eggs temporarily boost your XP: for thirty minutes, it will be doubled. Usethis in conjunction with Incense, which makes Pokémon more likely to appear for 30 minutes, and you will optimize your potential XP gains.

4. Gather all items automatically This is my number one time-saving tip and I didn't find this out until days after Istarted playing. At a Poké Stops, you don't need to physically tap all of the bubbles that appear to retrieve the itemsthere. Just hit the X button and they'll beadded to your inventory. Yes, really.

5. Catch ‘em all You should catch every Pokémon you find, even if you already own that type ofPokémon: you still receive additional evolution candy either way. What’s more, you can trade the Pokémon to Professor Willow for even more candy. 6. Spend all your candy on one, common PokémonCandy is used to evolve your Pokémon and it's specific to the Pokémon caught. If you want to maximize the effectiveness of your catches, upgrade only a creature which is commonly found in your area.This means that you will find much more of the candy of that Pokémon type, thus you can make one creature particularly powerful, which will give youthe edge when fighting at gyms.7. Save batteryPokémon Go is a battery killer: plain andsimple. It requires internet, GPS, your camera and lots of screen-on time. To get more out of your device, head to thePokémon Go settings menu (tap your Poké Ball then hit the settings icon at the top right) and you'll find a battery saver function. Enable it. Also consider turning the vibration off tosave even more battery, though it does make the experience a little less fun. Similarly, the classic 'turn your display brightness down' tip will work well here too.

8. Make use of others' luresUnlike Incense, Lure Modules don’t just affect the person who created it, but anyone in the area where the lure is placed. Though the effect works best forthe original user, if you’re with friends or see it on your map (represented as confetti at a Poké Stop) make sure you take advantage of this. Beware, however, that some people have used Lure Modules to tempt people into secluded areas to rob them. Be careful that you only make use of it in safe areas.

9. Pikachu (I choose you) Here's a neat trick to getting Pikachu as a starting Pokémon. When you create a new account and start the game, the professor will ask you to catch your starting Pokémon. Rather than catching a Bulbasaur, Charmander or Squirtle, walk away from them instead. Keep walking until your device vibrates and the three starter Pokémon appear next to you again. Repeat this several times until a Pikachu pops up. Catch him to make him your starting Pokémon.

10. Know your limitsIt's not guaranteed that you will capture every Pokémon you want to, so don’t waste Poké Balls on creatures that are too strong. How do you know which ones you can snag? Easy, when you see a Pokémon, look at the colored ring surrounding it: the smaller it is, the easier it will be to capture. The color of the ring is also a big clue here. If it's green, it means it will be easyto capture. Yellow means it will be a little more tricky and red means they willbe difficult to bag.

11. Spread your wings
Though it’s important to catch a lot of one type of Pokémon to evolve your favorites (see point six), it’s also worth exploring beyond your usual area: the type of Pokémon you can catch changes depending on where they are found.

12. Rustling leavesYou see those rustling leaves on your map? Those are the potential locations of Pokémon. It’s not a guarantee that you will encounter one there, but it’s worth taking a look, right?

13. Gain extra XP when making a catchThis is another tip I missed out on for my first few levels. If you tap and hold a Poké Ball before launching it at a Pokémon, and begin moving it in a circular motion, you will starts to see sparks fly. Release it once this happens and if you catch a Pokémon this way you will sometimes receive a 50 XP bonus.

14. Disable AR You can disable the AR component of Pokémon Go to make Pokémon easier to catch. Not only that, but it will also save battery life in the long run. To do this, tap the "AR" symbol at the top right of the screen when you encounter a Pokémon. This does really ruin the atmosphere of the game, though, so I recommend it only if you’rereallyserious about catching Pokémon at all costs.

15. Spend your coins wiselyDon’t waste coins buying Poké Balls: these are readily available at Poké Stopsand finding these is one of the most enjoyable parts of the game. Furthermore, Poké Stops refresh regularly, so it’s not really necessary. If you're going to spend coins, best put it into Incense or Lure Modules to help you get more XP, Stardust and Candy.

16. How do I hatch Pokémon eggsfaster? You may find Pokémon eggs on your travels, these hatch after you have walked for so many miles. If you want them to hatch quicker, you have to do more traveling. Riding a bike is great for this, but note that you can't cheat the system and cruise around in your car, when you're going too fast, the progress won't be counted. And if you want to know which Pokémon you're likely to discover from each type of egg, consult our graphic below.

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