[App] Recharge Airtime Without Typing the Recharge Card PIN

The Snap2Recharge or SnaptoRecharge app allows you to automatically recharge your phone credit by snapping a picture of your recharge card PIN using your phone. Not only this, Snap2recharge App has so many features, namely:

Primary features of the App:
1. Recharge mobile phones

Snap2recharge allows you to recharge your mobile phone

2. Check Airtime Balance

Always check your Airtime Balance on Snap2recharge is simple

3. Transfer Airtime

A simplest way of transferring Airtime at home using Snap2recharge

4. Borrow Airtime

You may also borrow Airtime on Snap2recharge and pay later

5. Advert section
Advertisements system on Snap2recharge is simple and cheap

This app works very well on most android devices, Sony, Samsung Galaxy, Infinity, HTC, Tecno etc.

We have prepared the user guide for ease of use as follows.

1) Choose language (currently only English is available in order to keep app size reasonably cool).

2) Press "SCAN" button and take a picture of the recharge card held in horizontal orientation.

3) The direct capture from the camera Snap2Recharge is SMART enough to crop out and select the area of interest.

4) Press "OK" and on the next screen, if textin the image appears sideways or upside down rotate it, OTHERWISE Snap2Recharge won't work accurately.

5) Press "OK", and wait for a text to process to establish a connection, the longer the text on the card, it may take some more seconds to complete. (Note that the very first time application is run, this process will take slightly longer in other to load utility resources in cache ).

6) If results of Snap2Recharge are satisfactory - great, if not, click "CANCEL" button and repeat the process.

7) Edit the text if necessary, and share via the application of interest.

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