Easy Steps to Read PDF Files on Java Phones

Hi Techwapaz readers, last time we discussed on 'How to create a PDF File on Android' and an old article 'What is PDF File and How to Create PDF File With Your Computer' and now I'm gonna share to you "Steps to Read PDF Files on Java phones" hope it's nice to you??? Let's start:

One of the big challenges faced by Java phone users is the ability to view a PDF file on it. Most Java Phone users think it is impossible to view a PDF document on their mobile device which is not true.

Today, the software that can be use for the purpose of viewing PDF documents on Java mobile phones will be given out for Java mobile phone users to download.
==> For Java phones--> C1, C3, C2, Nokia 2700, Nokia 110 - Nokia 210 etc

==> Download an App called "Mobile PDF" from here

==> Download any PDF file and save it in your SD Card, Install that Mobile PDF and open

==> It may ask you to click on Open button and directly visit the SD Card location just go to the folder you saved the downloaded PDF and click on it. That's all

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