Top 3 Ways to Promote Your Blog Graphically

There are unlimited ways of promoting stuffs on internet, either by free or paid advert. And today you'll learn how to promote a blog graphically for free and get thousands of page views everyday. Let's start:

1. Comedy and Cartoon Videos

People now are participating in watching comedies, as the number of comedians are increasing. This is the best way to promote your blog by merging your blog name, URL, and some other pics that will attract more people to visit the blog.

You will get huge amount of visitors more especially if you have more Instagram followers and YouTube subscribers. You can do this by editing the video, else contact the comedians.

You can make cartoon videos on your computer or mobile phone using graphics softwares and share on Instagram and YouTube to attract more people

2. Funny Pictures

Funny pics are mainly shared on WhatsApp, Facebook (social media) and some other internet forums and blogs. If you can create one and share, it will reach hundreds of people together with your blog address.

3. Quote Pictures

This is similar to above mentioned one, people create quote images like:

"Being a male or female is a matter of gender, young or old is a matter of age but being a great and gentle is a matter of choice" - Mohiddeen Ahmad

"The most expensive thing in programmer's life is time" - Mohiddeen Ahmad

et cetera. People used to write these kind of quotes vividly and place there name, number, and social media accounts below to attract people. These pictures are shared on social media like WhatsApp and Facebook., you can do same if you have a blog.

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