38 Benefits of Being a Blogger Everyone Should Know

When blogging started, the first blogs were really glorified online journals, and in all likelihood, becoming a professional blogger and making money online wasn’t the goal. Since then, the blogosphere has evolved, and now people blog for many different reasons. There are even distinctions among types of blogs - business, lifestyle, fashion, food, and entertainment blogs, among others.

While the blogging scene has developed over the last decade, the benefits of blogging are still plentiful. Here’s a list of reasons why people blog and how blogging can benefit your personal or professional life.

Starting a blog is all the rave nowadays and everyone has their own reasons for doing so.

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Ranging from personal journals to niche sites created just to make money. And, there are many benefits of being a blogger, here are 15 you should know:

1. You’ll become an incredible writer
Like any other form of communication, writing is all about expressing your own thoughts and more often than not, getting others to agree with you or to understand you.

When you’re blogging, your goal is to get your message through to the reader and as you’ll see, it’s not that easy. Because you’ll be writing to an audience, you’ll put more and more effort into getting your point across, thus becoming a better writer on the way.
It’s the perfect exercise for your brain.

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2. You’ll become a better thinker
In everyday conversation, you usually get one chance to say something. Because it’s a real-time, engaging activity – often times you don’t have the time to
really think about things.
When you’re writing something to thousands of people, you’ll go back and edit the post. You’ll look at what you’ve said and wonder if it makes sense to everyone. Is everyone going to understand it in the same way?

This means your thoughts will over time become deeper, clearer and more understandable. This will help you in all areas of life.

3. It'll become an income source for you
I don’t know about you but most of my hobbies are costing me a fortune. Blogging is the only hobby I know of, where it’s the opposite – you’re the one getting paid!

Some of the top bloggers make $200,000+ per year while genuinely enjoying what they do..

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4. You’ll inspire other people
Even though when I write on Flowdiary you don’t really know what my daily life is like or what the blog makes. There’s still plenty of people who have a genuine interest in me and will listen to podcasts I appear on , talking about how I’ve built up my recent blog or what it has helped me achieve.
It’s one of the greatest feelings on the planet to have a stranger reach out to you and thank you for inspiring them. It’s even better when you know that they’ve actually done something about it and thus, you’ve indirectly changed someone’s life. That’s how powerful blogging can be.

5. It’s free (or extremely affordable)
When you’re starting out, it’s possible to create a blog without spending a penny. Once you start seeing success with and are certain that it’s something you’re willing to commit to, starting a real blog will not be much of an investment either. You can have a self-hosted blog for approximately 13 cents a day.

6. It gives you a confidence boost
Being more confident will lead to a happier and richer life.
As a blogger, you’re sharing your opinion on important matters and often times, you’ll be wrong. However, this will teach you that it’s alright to make mistakes.
You’ll get comments and emails with people flattering you and you’ll learn to not take them seriously. There will also be plenty of people criticizing your every move and you’ll develop self-control and learn not to get upset or angry about it.

7. It will help you learn new things
I’ll be the first to admit that when I started running my recent blog, I didn’t know a single thing about running SaaS businesses or using Amazon FBA to sell products. Now I could tell you everything about both of those business models.
There will be a time when just your existing knowledge isn’t enough to write a blog post and you’ll have to research things. It’s an excellent learning opportunity and as we all know, knowledge is power.

8. You don't need previous experience
Starting a blog in 2017 is so simple, you don’t need any programming experience, design knowledge or tech-wizardry. All you need is a little bit of time and a good tutorial
such as this one.

The same applies for actually writing for the blog. Do you think the top bloggers create content out of nowhere? No.
They spend a lot of time doing research, reading other people's content, taking notes and then compile the best resource out there.​

9. You'll develop an online brand
We all know the power of Brands. Nike, Coca-Cola, Facebook, Apple, Google and so on and so forth.
What do all brands have in common? They dominate a very specific industry. Whatever topic you're an expert on - stick to that and make yourself known for it.
If I've learned anything online, it's that it's always better to be "the online course guy " or " the seo ninja " over a general "internet marketer".

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10. It builds your business network
While blogging I have not only made some amazing friends and
met cool fellow-bloggers. I've had the opportunity to have Skype calls with CEOs of huge companies, go for dinner with amazing startup founders and plenty more.
The opportunities that blogging has brought my way are simply unbelievable. Seriously, you wouldn't believe half of them!

11. You'll be an expert
An expert only knows one more thing than you do - that's a fact. Everyone's an expert in something but this is your chance to become even better at what you do and show it to people in your field. The research you'll be doing for your blog posts will increase your expertise.

12. It'll take your resume to the next level
Most resumes have the same boring stuff on it and it can be difficult to stand out. This university, that university, who cares - that won't be what gets you your dream job.

What if you could tell your future-boss that you've been passionately writing about this field for the past three years and have an audience of 3,000 people who can confirm that you're an expert?

13. You'll understand what has meaning
Blogging isn’t twitter.
You’re not going to be posting five times a day about random things. This means you’ll have to start filtering what you read, what you learn, what you think and decide what’s worth writing about, what isn’t.
You’ll quickly realize that the majority of things you read on a daily basis do not matter, at all.

14. You'll develop amazing habits
Blogging is hard.
You’ll need to be consistent, disciplined, committed to your goals and most importantly, you’ll need time-management.
Just like anything else, these are skills and you get better at skills when you practice.
The benefits from these skills will carry over yet again into all areas of life. Whether that’s fitness, relationships or anything else.

15. You'll learn a myriad of profitable skills
The amount of knowledge I've gained from starting blogs is ridiculous. Here's a brief list of them.
√Search Engine Optimization
√Web hosting
√Buyer psychology
√Proper time-management
Knowledge of hundreds of small niches like drum kits, crossbows, contact lenses and god knows what
Blogging has made me a more well-rounded person in ways that no school ever could have.

16. It helps Refine Your Writing Skills
The more you write, the better you become at it. Most professional bloggers write on a regular basis and therefore analyze and proofread their writing constantly. You may even get feedback from readers to help you become a better writer.
However, being a good writer is not a prerequisite for a successful blog. Many very high profile bloggers are self-proclaimed terrible writers, and part of their success could be attributed to their message of “If I can do it, so can you”.

17. Build Your Professional Network
Blogging is a community-based endeavor, and networking is one reason people engage in it. Whether you are a solopreneur or blogging to market your business, building relationships will facilitate your blog’s growth.

Meanwhile, growing your online network has its own side benefits, such as gaining access to valuable software and tools, seminars, workshops, product unveilings, and other events.

18. Earn More Exposure
Businesses create blogs primarily to expand their online presence, connect with potential customers, promote their brand in a positive conversation, and even generate online revenue.

Beyond the immediate results, businesses use content marketing to rank their posts in search engines, thereby generating residual leads and revenue.

Become an Authority in Your Industry
A blog can be utilized as a platform to showcase your knowledge and expertise. Publishing blog posts that are accurate, timely, relevant, and informative will eventually get the attention of industry insiders and earn you recognition as an authoritative source and thought-leader.

19. Build an Online Portfolio
Blogging is a great way for aspiring authors and freelance writers to build up an online portfolio. By showcasing their writing skills on large platforms with expansive reach, freelancers can grow their exposure and sign new clients.

20. It’ll serve as a personal journal.
Blogging serves many of the same roles as a personal journal. It trains us to be observant and gives weight to the personal growth that we are experiencing. It trains our minds to track life and articulate the changes we are experiencing. Your blog becomes a digital record of your life that is saved “in the cloud.” As a result, it can never be lost, stolen, or destroyed in a fire.

21. You’ll live a more intentional life.
Once you start writing about your life and the thoughts that shape it, you’ll begin thinking more intentionally about who you are, who you are becoming, and whether you like what you see or not. And that just may be reason enough to get started.

22. You’ll develop an eye for meaningful things.
By necessity, blogging requires a filter. It’s simply not possible to write about every event, every thought, and every happening in your life. Instead, blogging is a never-ending process of choosing to articulate the most meaningful events and the most important thoughts. This process of choice helps you develop an eye for meaningful things. And remember that sometimes the most meaningful things appear in the most mundane—but you’ll see what I mean once you get started.

23. It’ll lead to healthier life habits.
Blogging requires time, devotion, commitment, and discipline. And just to be clear, those are all good things to embrace – they will help you get the most out of your days and life. Since beginning to blog, I have become an early riser, a runner, and can now properly identify my favorite drink at Starbuck’s (Caramel Macchiato). And even if those three habits don’t personally appeal to you, blogging will provide opportunity for new life habits to emerge in yours.

24. You’ll meet new people from several part of the world
Whether it be through comments, e-mails, or social media, you may be surprised at how quickly you meet people on-line. And by meet people, I mean legitimately form relationships that seek to serve one another. The blogging community is friendly, encouraging, and genuinely cheering for you to succeed—the only thing missing is you.

25. You’ll find a platform to recommend.
We all love to recommend something we have found enjoyable or beneficial—whether it be a nice restaurant, a good book, or a new outlook on life. The fullness of joy is not experienced until we have shared that joy with others. A blog provides an opportunity to do that very thing. It provides a platform to share the joy we have experienced and recommend good things we have discovered to others.

26. Blog helps you attract an audience
Blogging enables you to reach the billions of people that use the Internet. Blogging can help you promote yourself or your business. Blogging works as a method for attracting an audience because it provides something of value to them before asking for anything in return.

What would you rather click on, a page titled “ How to Promote Your Blog“, or a page titled “Buy My Consulting Services”? By creating a blog that is of value, you can attract an audience and eventually convert them to customers, partners, friends, or otherwise.

27. Have new and interesting experiences
New experiences are fun, and they help to break routine and make life more interesting. Blogging is a great way to have new and interesting experiences. It may be as simple as learning the platform, or having a unique conversation with a follower of your blog. It also may be something like doing a guest post on someone else’s blog, or writing on a topic that requires a little “field work” or research. Make it fun. The more you do, the more likely it is that you’ll stick with that activity.

28. Find your authentic voice
Blogging (and writing in general) has been perhaps the most effective means that I have discovered to find and develop my authentic voice. Writing is like art. You start with a blank canvas. Everything that comes after that is coming from an authentic place. With blogging especially, you are free to write on any topic that you choose. It isn’t like school, where you are confined to the terms of a teacher’s direction (and subject to his or her interpretation). When you blog you are free to discover who you are, what you have to say, what interests you, and how you can add value through your words. This is the process of empowerment

29. Expose your ideas to a larger network
When you blog, and include social sharing options on your blog posts, you have the opportunity to expand your sphere of influence to a much larger network. The key here is to write consistent, high quality content that people find interesting and want to share. Sound daunting? It’s not if you start with what interests you. You are more likely to put thought and effort into topics that are of interest to you, and the great thing is that there really are no rules. Anything that is interesting to you is interesting to someone else out there, and that person will share your content with his or her network.

30. Flexibility of working hours.
If you are engaged in blogging as a work-at-home job, the flexibility of working hours makes it suitable for you to find out time for your other day to day activities. Imagine how you can pick up your children from school at 3 ‘O’ clock when you work in 10 to 5 job. You need to find other alternatives in this situation. When you are a full-time blogger, it is possible for you to stop all your engagements with the blog at any time of the day for carrying out any other chores. As you are your own boss or may be the one and only boss of your business, it is really a great experience.

31. Your photographic skills may improve.
Once anyone becomes a blogger, he or she may start interest in several other things related to blogging to improve their own blog. For example, I was never interested in photography. I was reluctant and shy to take photographs especially in crowds.

After I started blogging I developed an interest and motivation for photography which I am continuing till date and hope to continue with it. So I can claim that it is through blogging that I developed an interest in photography.

32. Your videography skills may improve.
Like I mentioned earlier about photography, your video skills will get enhanced once you start blogging. Video tutorial is a must for many of the blogs especially the technical ones where you may need to teach some ideas to an audience. So those who are running a blog may definitely try to improve his or her videography skills.

33. Gaining popularity and respect from others.
When your blog starts gaining more readers, you may also start getting more popularity. You may soon start getting known as a blogger in your immediate vicinity. People at your office or business may start seeing you as a blogger or probably a writer in some cases. This may eventually lead to gain respect from your colleagues, friends and relatives.

34. Blogging as a hobby.
During the initial stages, blogging was a platform for people to share their views on any topic of their choice. So people started using it as a hobby. Most of those blogs were personal ones. Later developments see the concept of blogging get changed from time to time working along with the concept of Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Even though the nature of blogging concept changed a lot, there are lakhs of people around the blogosphere who still consider blogging as a hobby of interest to them and they don’t actually care about the monetary aspects of blogging. They just have their personal satisfaction by sharing their views and opinions with others.

35. Blogging may change your attitude towards life.
Blogging changed my way of thinking and attitude towards life. So I believe it may be the same with most other bloggers. If you are nearing the stage of establishing yourself as a blogger, you start seeing everything in a different light. You may feel that you are getting appreciated for your work by others. This may lead you to make yourself more equipped and responsible while dealing with the public. You may think that you need to research more in order to gain knowledge in the subject you are writing so that you can deal with any queries related to your niche you are writing.

36. It is possible to become a successful blogger without higher education.
Many people have a belief that blogging is for those people who have higher educational qualifications from the university. If you are among them thinking in that way, I would definitely tell you that you are wrong. Even if you do not have a college degree, you can be able to become a successful blogger through hard work and dedication provided you have the necessary writing skills.

37. Location is not a problem for blogging as a career.
Blogging as a career can be done staying at any location in the world. This is one of the greatest advantages of blogging. I live in London even though my native country is India. If I choose to do blogging as my full-time career, I can have the advantage of doing it either from India or London. Suppose if I do any other day job, I cannot be able to spare time in India other than the days available for my annual leave. Maybe if I want to stay in India for few months and comeback, there will not be any problem continuing blogging as a career. All I need is a laptop or other suitable device and a Wi-Fi connection.

38. Travelling around the globe
You never know one day you will be travelling to different destinations in the world. Travelling to exotic locations around the world seems to be an impossible task for many of us. But, you cannot predict where blogging can take you in future. If you are a travel blogger or an affiliate marketer or digital marketer, there might be chances available for you travel around the globe for affiliate summits and the likes.
If you find this post interesting or motivating you to continue blogging journey with more enthusiasm, please feel free to share that in the comment column so that I can have more ideas for my forthcoming posts.

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SO accurate! My blogging has gotten me on national television shows -- three times! It's gotten me TWO book deals! It's advanced my career; I mean, think how awesome your job interview is when you can say you have a book deal, you're appearing on national TV, and your most recent article got 500,000 readers. In fact, I'm on television and in the newspaper so much locally that at least 60% of the time when I meet a new person, they've seen something or read something I was part of. Suddenly, it's easy to get jobs, and they pay me a lot more. Since my blog has taken off, I went from making $10 an hour four years ago...to making up to $25 an hour now. Plus, my website is monetized.

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