10 Flexible Side Jobs to Make Extra Money This Summer

Need a little extra money to meet some of your financial goals or get your budget back on track? Summer is a great time to relax, catch up with friends and family, and enjoy the weather but it’s also the perfect time to side hustle and give your income a boost.
Not all side jobs are the same and flexible side hustles are great this time of year because they allow you to make extra money while still being able to check items off your summer bucket list.
If you want to earn more but don’t want to be tied down to an hourly schedule, here are 5 flexible side hustles to consider this summer.

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1) Drive For Uber or Lyft
I believe I’ve said this quite a few times, but driving for Uber has allowed my husband to pay off his car loan early and save for several others expenses. Uber and Lyft are both ridesharing apps that allow you to use your own car to drive passengers to their destinations.

Passengers pay for the ride on the app and Uber or Lyft takes a cut of the fee but drivers keep the rest and get paid weekly.

To start driving for Uber or Lyft, you must:

•Be 21 years or older
•Pass a background check
•Have a smartphone so you can pull up the •Uber/Lyft app
•Have a 2005 4-door car or newer (age of car varies by state)
•Have auto insurance
•Pass a vehicle inspection

Uber and Lyft are two different companies so you could very well drive for both and earn even more money. Uber and Lyft drivers tend to make an average of $30/hr. Plus, passengers also give tips with will increase your earnings.

What I love about this side hustle is that you don’t have to be confined to a certain schedule. You can drive whenever it’s convenient for you. My husband usually drives a few nights a week but if he’s busy or tired he will skip some days and pick back up when it fits in his schedule.

2) Running Errands
Another flexible way to earn extra money this summer with your car is to run errands. There are several companies that will pay you to do this in your area.

Agent Anything is a site where students get paid to do ‘missions’ for clients who need errands ran or other tasks taken care of in their local area. Only current college students will be accepted on this site and considered for work so keep that in mind.
DoorDash is a site that will pay you to deliver food to customers in your local area. You can pick up deliveries whenever you’re available and must be at least 18 to sign up. Door Dash deliverers earn an average of $20 per hour.

Postmates is another site that will pay you to run errands in your area on your own time. Like Door Dash, you must be 18 to get started. It’s stated on their website that you could earn $25/hr and what I love about Postmates is that you don’t even need a car to work. You can run errands on foot or by bike if you wish.

3) Direct Sales
Direct sales is not for everyone, but if you’re targeting the right audience and making a difference, it could be a great flexible way to earn more money.
The problem is, there are many multi-level marketing scams out there that trick people into recruiting others to earn money or simply sending all their money to the company. You should avoid any companies that have extremely high start-up fees or monthly membership fees, won’t buy back unsold inventory, or base a majority of your commission on what other reps sell who are under you.

With direct sales, you want to find a company you truly believe in that has ethical standards and policies. Then, you just need to have fun with it. It helps if you’re a people person and have the ability to promote yourself across a wide variety of mediums.

For example, if you already do a ton of promotion on Facebook, try using a different platform to reach a new audience.

4) Mystery Shopper
If you love to shop, becoming a mystery shopper this summer will allow you to get paid for it. Mystery shoppers get paid to eat, try out different services, and buy products from retailers in their area.
Companies pay mystery shoppers to observe employees, working conditions, and other aspects of the places they visit and report their findings and observations after the experience usually in the form of a survey.

Mystery shopping is extremely flexible because you can choose which assignments you accept along with the time and location. Mystery shoppers get reimbursed for any money they spend on food or other products as part of the assignment.

How much you can earn really varies by the assignment but you can expect to earn an average of $5 to $25 or more depending on what the requirements are and how much time it will take you.

For example, one mystery shopping assignment may only require you to stop by an ice cream shop and make a small order while another assignment may require you to get an oil change at an auto repair shop and call ahead to speak to a service agent.

5) Bartender
Night owls may gravitate toward this side hustle. Bartending is not as easy as people think it is, but it’s possible for anyone to become properly trained and make good side income bartending.

You just need experience which will not take too much time to round up.
Bartending is flexible because you can get the bulk of your hours in during the evenings and weekends whether you work at a bar or private venue. The tips also make this option appealing including the fact that bartenders make around $20/hr including tips according to PayScale.
Earning extra money in the summer doesn’t mean you have to be glued to your work all day. When considering a side hustle, choose something that’s enjoyable and flexible so it fit around your schedule.

6) Virtual assistant
Speaking of virtual grading assistant, working as a part-time virtual assistant might be your next step. Many larger companies are looking to outsource entry-level administrative assistant positions to remote workers to cut costs and condense hours. Responsibilities may include manning a virtual front desk, performing administrative tasks on a website or even helping to audit and update search engines, depending on the employer. If you’re only available to work part-time, even better — companies seeking virtual support often have short-term or limited job needs.

7) Cruise ship employee
Finally, finally, having the erratic schedule of a college student is paying off. If your summers are free, you might be eligible for seasonal employment working aboard a cruise ship, with the obvious added perk of totally free travel. Available positions can vary widely and may be based on individual skill level, including servers, bartenders, cooks, housekeeping staff, child care workers, performers and photographers. Most cruise websites post their ongoing job listings, with a big push to beef up their crew before the summer cruise season begins.

8) Tutor
You can tutor college students that are a year or so behind you, tutor younger kids or tutor kids online. By tutoring kids online, you have the flexibility of both working from home and creating your own schedule.

9) Fitness instructor
If you regularly attend the gym and fitness classes, you may as well be the instructor and get paid to work out and help get others in shape. If this ends up being something you enjoy, consider teaching private lessons, which pay almost double per hour than larger classes do.

10) Birthday party character
Dressing up in costume may sound like a fun way to blow off steam on the weekend, but just think how interesting life would be if you could get paid for it. Kids’ birthday parties are taking off, and parents are looking for high-quality entertainment — often from costumed characters like princesses, fairies and superheroes who will travel on-site to play games with the kids or host a story hour. Professional party princesses reportedly make as much as $50 an hour.

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