How to Make Money with Amazon Affiliate Program

Amazon associates program is one of the best affiliate programs which you can use to 1000$ per month. If you are targeting the correct audience and know complete information about the product which you are promoting you can do really well in the Amazon affiliate programs. There are different ways to make money with Amazon affiliate program.

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One can use these tips as they will help in reaching their goal in no time and generating huge income. Many newbie bloggers are making decent money with this program. Make sure that you are using the below-mentioned tips while you are creating your next Amazon niche website.

Niche Selection

The first thing which you need to take care of is select a niche for the amazon affiliate program. You will be able to
make money with Amazon easily if the product which you are promoting is related to your website. Let’s say you are having a website about how to make money and the product which you are promoting is portable Bluetooth speaker. No one is going to buy those Bluetooth speakers because you are not targeting your audience.

Link the products

One thing which you should always keep in mind is to link the products inside the article. Make sure that you are using text links as it will help you in generating a maximum number of clicks for your Amazon affiliate program. The readers of your website are going to focus on the body of the article/content as compared to other sections of your article.

Make images Clickable with affiliate links
Images not only help you in making your article look good but will also help you in generating sales. Make the images of the product which you are promoting clickable and add the affiliate link to the images. It helps a lot in increasing the number of sales and as per a recent survey, it was seen that 15% of the sales are generated with the clickable images.

Write Product Reviews

You can promote the products in different ways and one of the best methods that you can make money with Amazon is by writing product reviews. If you are writing down product reviews which is related to your niche it will help you in making more sales. One more thing, You need to keep in mind is that the review should be of high quality.

Also, You can get in touch with the HR team of the product you are promoting so that you can review it. If you have an established blog with huge reader base it is going to help you a lot.

The review should be convincing enough that the reader is ready to buy the product as soon as the article is about to end. Always add the link of the product by end of the article as it will help the reader in buying the product easily.

Social Media

Nowadays, Facebook and Twitter are most the popular social media platform. There are some simple steps to start with facebook. Make your own Facebook page or join some related facebook groups, then share your product review post with those audiences.

Also, You can directly share your affiliate links on facebook and twitter. Go to your Amazon Associates account, then choose the product you want to share. You will see facebook and twitter logo at the top of your account page, just click and share.

Create an Email list

If you are planning to make money with amazon affiliate program, start building an email list. A lot of internet marketers and bloggers say that your first step should be to create an email list . There are a lot of ways with which you can build an email list.

Let’s say that you are having a blog about how to make money. You can offer some free themes to the subscribers and in return, you are going to get more addresses to your email list.

Once you have created your email list you can share all the articles, reviews which you are posting on your website with your subscribers as it will help you in making good money with amazon affiliate programs .

Sell More Products

The default commission which you are going to get from Amazon for the products which you are going to sell is 4%. Try increasing the number of products in a month as more are the number of products which you are selling in a month, more is the commission which you are going to get.

Amazon affiliate programs offers maximum of 8.50% commission. In order to get this commission you have to sell more than 3131 products in a month.

Sell more number of cheap products
Instead of aiming for a product which costs $1000, promote an item which is less expensive. This will increase the number of sales. As we have highlighted in the previous point, if you are selling more number of items you will fall under the 8% commission bracket in no time.

Multiple tracking ID’s

Amazon provides a single tracking ID by default however you can create upto 100 tracking ID’s in Amazon. Even if you have reached 100, you can ask for more tracking ID’s. Always make a habit of using a different tracking ID for different website. This will help you in finding out the products which you were able to sell using different tracking ID’s on different websites.

Use Buy Now buttons

Adding buttons to your articles are going to help you a lot in Amazon associates program. You can use EasyAzon for adding the buttons however if you are not ready to spend money you can manually add the links to your articles. You will get the buy now buttons from your Amazon affiliate dashboard.

Compare products
You can always create product comparison grid where you can list different products and compare their features. You can use wordPress plugin TablePress for this purpose. You will see a sudden jump in number of sales if you are comparing products on your website.

These are the best ways to make money with Amazon affiliate program. Are you following any other tip which we forgot to mention in this post? Tell us using the comments section below and we will add it to our list.

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