How to Boost Your E-Commerce Sales on Social Media

If statistics are to be believed, Instagram has established itself now as one of the major and impressive social platforms for promoting your brand. The number of smartphones used is constantly on the rise and almost 60 percent of Instagram users are smartphone users. Today the mobile e-commerce in the USA itself is worth as much as $100 billion per year. Moreover, you simply cannot overlook the fact that Instagram is fast boosting its user base that has gone beyond Twitter’s user base of over 400 million users. Here are a few smart tips for generating some extra sales for your company.

1. Switch Your Personal Instagram Account to a Business Account

Instagram has announced the addition of a new feature on its platform: business profiles. You can now switch your personal account to a business account, which is the first step in an Instagram marketing initiative. This feature offers a professional-looking profile and lets you pull your contact information from Facebook, while retaining Instagram’s shoppable links. It also gives you information on the number of impressions and clicks on your posts on a weekly basis.

Use Popular Hashtags

Hashtags are simple but a proven way of helping you reach the best audience for you. It is mandatory for you to use the hashtags effectively for getting the image categorized on popular social media . This way it could reach even the potential consumers. In this context, you must understand that there are two kinds of hashtags. There is a seasoned hashtag that is kept in the relevance category and the other relatively less popular ones. If your hashtags belong to the second category, the content would certainly go unnoticed, irrespective of the quality and robustness of the content. You must consider categorizing the trending keywords in this manner and utilize it in your Instagram posts. You must determine two to three relevant keywords. Tools such as Top Hashtags would be helping you in keeping track of the widely popular hashtags. Moreover, you could consider going with the trending hashtags as that way you could keep updated with fleeting moods.

Upload a Slideshow

In February this year, Instagram Slideshows came into being. Instagram Slideshow lets you upload 10 photos or videos to play as a slideshow on Instagram. This is ideal for an eCommerce store as it allows you to show a range of products across one slideshow. With slideshows still being a relatively new concept on Instagram, it is well worth taking advantage of this display option.

Upload More Videos

To really make an impact on Instagram it is important to publish a variety of media to appeal to your audiences different tastes and to hold your follower’s interest. Creating videos is another great way to appeal to your viewers and help set you apart from your competition.

Instagram lets you add up to 15 seconds of video per upload. Use video to demonstrate your product in motion, being used, solving a problem, or in some other relevant, fun or interesting way.

Add Text to Images

Adding a text overlay to images is a great way to engage with your audience. Add an inspirational quote, ask a question, share news, or state an opinion on a photo. Adding this extra information to an image will encourage viewers to stop and consider your post.

When using text overlay, bold and bright text is good, but make sure it doesn’t detract from the image. Adding text sharing your website URL, a discount coupon code, or a sale, can be an effective way of driving traffic to your website. However, use this tact sparingly. Too much advertising on images will probably lose you Instagram followers.

Participate in Contests

Instagram is a robust but extremely competitive social networking site. A very effective tactic for boosting sales and driving more traffic to your site is to start a contest on your website. Contests are a great way of engaging with an audience in a very short span of time. You could boost Instagram followers this way. For making every contest a runaway hit, it is important to make sure that contest is pretty simple and uncomplicated and is capable of clearly conveying the right message. The contest must offer various prizes such as honors, cash, etc. Once the contest goes live, make sure that the contest is pretty active on the social circuit and promotes healthy sharing for success.

Boost Your Followers

Often e-commerce vendors find it difficult to ensure constant growth of
Instagram followers because of unproductive and unprofessional marketing stratagem and erratic marketing. You must make sure that appropriate content is constantly curated for the users. With efficient and smart
keyword strategy, you must come up with well-curated content for ensuring a continuous and smooth flow of content meant chiefly for the users.

Follow, Love, and Comment

As well as regularly posting and commenting on your own photos, you need to spend time liking and commenting on other people’s images. Target images and users in your niche so those in your industry will start to recognize you as an expert in the field.

Ask questions in the comments, or add thoughtful opinions to engage with those posting the images or reading the comments. If people see you as adding value to a discussion then they will see you as someone worth following. This will help you build up an Instagram community that you can promote your eCommerce products to.

Promote Post (Sponsor Ads)

Advertising on Instagram and other social medias can be a very effective way of driving your social media traffic to your website. There are a number of ways to
advertise on Social media, sponsor ads is good as well . You can create a photo, video, or carousel advert, as well as choose from numerous business goals.

When setting up your adverts, you firstly need to select the main objective of the advert. If you are looking to use Instagram to increase your eCommerce sales then your adverts aim needs to be ‘Conversion’. Opting for ‘Conversion’ will enable you to add a Call-to-Action (Shop Now) button to your Instagram adverts. When clicking on this ‘Shop Now’ button, your audience will be taken to a page of your choice on your WordPress website.

Through the Call-to-Action button, you create a way for your audience to directly access your site and products. This button is only available with paid adverts, and it is an option that eCommerce stores should definitely consider.

You need to realize that today Instagram is no longer regarded as the photo sharing app. It is not only a photo sharing app but an efficient medium for creating well-designed pictures and some effective content which enables fantastic conversions of leads and helps you get more clients.

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