5 Ways to Increase Your AdSense Earnings

AdSense is a Google product which is offered to publishers to earn money. Besides AdSense, there are several way to make money from your blog but Google AdSense is the most genuine and best way to earn money. Yes, you can earn money by implementing AdSense ad code on your blog. But, to get AdSense approved, you need to take approval from Google. Once your account is approved and activated, you can display ads on your blog.

You get paid for every click, and that is why it is popularly known as PPC ad program. However, you get earning from the impressions you get on your ads as well. Many successful bloggers making thousands of dollars every month from AdSense. Why you can’t do that, here I am going to share some useful tips to boost your adsense earning.

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When you place Adsense on your blog, the first thing comes to your mind is how to increase earning from it because just putting up the ads doesn’t guarantee you the earnings.

In this blog post, I am going to talk about some tips and ways that help you to increase Adsense earnings. So, without any further delay, let’s have a look at the tips below:

Boost Your Blog’s Organic Traffic
As per my experience, getting traffic from Facebook or other referral sites mostly don’t click on ads, and thus, you don’t get earnings. But, the more traffic you get from search engines, the more earning you get. Yes, I have been noticing that search traffic results into more clicks on the ads.

Therefore, increase your blog’s organic traffic by doing extensive keyword research and link building. Though there are many things you can do to optimize your blog, these two things are the foremost important strategies to make your site rank well on search engines with profitable keywords. Better ranking -> Better search traffic ->Better earning

Use Responsive Ad Units
In recent years, number of mobile internet users has been increased a lot because of the increasing usage of smartphones. Thus, to serve the users with ads in better display Google rolled out responsive ad unit which was much needed because long banners look ugly in the mobiles due to unresponsiveness. Responsive ad units adjusts their size according to the screen size.

If you don’t use responsive ads, you can see that your ad will go out of the screen on the smaller devices that make the whole look of the blog bad, and you cannot expect some good clicks in such situation. Therefore, using responsive ad units is very important.

Until I have replaced my ad units with responsive ones, I noticed very few clicks on my ads from mobile users. After installing the responsive ads, my CTR was increased dramatically.
Note = Your blog should have
a responsive theme

Experiment Various Ad units on Different Areas
You don’t know anything about the audiences who visit your blog, so you don’t know what kind of ads can grab their attention. Therefore, you should experiment by placing various ad units such as link ads, small square ads, image ads, text ads, long skyscraper, etc. on different areas. Notice which units are getting good CTR, and on the basis of that analysis you can finalize the ad unit types and areas to put them on your blog.
The places to experiment are below the post title, middle of the article, end of the article, sidebar, and beside the logo. In most cases, ads below title worked the best for me when I have put responsive ad unit there..

So, try experimenting to know the best areas and ad units for your blog for more earning.

Use High CPC Keywords
If you have ever used Google Keyword Planner , you know what the CPC meansthere. Use high CPC keywords in the articles so that the ads may show related to it, and as they are high CPC, when you get a few clicks, you get better earning per click.

Look at the above keywords which seem to be of high CPC. If you have a blog related to insurance, you should use such keywords for better earning from Google Adsense.

Target USA Traffic
Many countries have comparatively high CPC, which means if you get clicks from those countries you will get abetter cost per click. For example, if you get 20 clicks from Nigeria in a day, and just 5 clicks from the USA then still the earning you will get from USA clicks will be higher because it is a high CPC country.

There are an endless number of tips and tweaks that help you to increase Adsense earnings but the ways mentioned above are the best and proven ones.

Try these tips and share your experience with us. However, I would like to say one thing again that apart from all the tips and tweaks you try, the most important part is increasing your traffic.

If there is not enough traffic on your blog, no tips will work to increase your Adsense earnings. Therefore, focusing on traffic should be your foremost goal.

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