Why Bloggers Hate Google Adsense

Google AdSense is undoubtedly the best way of making money online through your blog or website. Most of the bloggers and webmasters will agree with me. However so many bloggers are also there who just hate Google AdSense. Yes! In this post, I will explain some of the important reasons for that.

The fact of the matter is, a good amount of bloggers embark with their blogs simply to make money online through Adsense. However, looking at the complications they experience while treading this path compel them to hate this program from the giant search engine. There are very few people who enjoy a steady income from this program, while the rest of us are seen struggling to get the approval from Google.

Even though few who manage to get the approval see their accounts blocked at any point of time for no big reason. These are some of the key reasons, why more and more bloggers and Webmasters are seen hating Adsense a lot. Here are some key reasons why I as well as many other bloggers/Webmasters now strongly dislike Google Adsense :

You may think I have personal reasons for writing this post. No, this is not like that. I don’t want new bloggers, my social media friends and new webmasters to quit blogging just because google adsense is not approving their blog. There are far better ways to make money without AdSense.

1 - Difficult to Get Approval

Most of the bloggers want to start making money right from the first day so they apply for the AdSense account, and this is wrong. Attempting to make money right after starting a blog is one of the mistakes new bloggers makes. However Google Adsense is very strict in terms and condition and doesn’t approve any site easily. Its policies are even much harder for the African amd Asian countries. Google is getting strict day by day in their terms and conditions .

Google Adsense follow a very stringent set of terms and conditions, which makes the process of approval very much difficult. The policies they have are much tougher to specific nations especially the ones based in Asian continent. This is basically due to the frauds and short cuts people have derived to make money via the Adsense program from African countries

So many bloggers are there who claims that they applied for AdSense after 6 month or 1 year but Google AdSense disapproved their application without providing any solid reason. However my experience is a bit different. I have got the 11 steps of getting approval from AdSense fast

2 - Banning an Approved Account

AdSense has too many rules and regulation. If you have got an approved account then it doesn’t mean that they will never ban it, AdSense is still temporary.

Google has loads of set guidelines for working with the Adsense program, which many people do not undergo. As I wrote above, even if you have an account, which is smoothly running that doesn’t mean it cannot be banned by Google. You can find a number of cases where Google has banned the accounts without even showcasing any tangible reason.

You will see so many search result where users has claimed that Google AdSense banned their account without giving any solid reasons. In 2015, one of my friends reported to me that Google banned his account with $50 and, with no any reason. Again, someone reported the same problem with over $500 in his account. It is quite common. Once banned, it would be very difficult for you to get your account activated again.

3 - Very Low CPC in African Countries

If you belongs to US or any western European country then you can earn a huge amount of money from AdSense due to high CPC like-2 to 5$ or even more. However if you live in African or Asian countries then just forget about making huge amount of money because the CPC of AdSense is very low there. Normally the CPC in African countries lies between $0.03-$0.08. In order to get more from AdSense, you must have good amount of traffics, and clicks from US, UK or Canada. This is one of the reasons I myself hate Google AdSense.

4 - Bloggers Hardly Click on AdSense Ads

It is not a solid reason to hate Google AdSense but if you are a blogger and your niche is blogging then there is hardly any chance that other bloggers,who will visit your site will click on Google AdSense Ads because they already know enough about the AdSense.

5 - Big Delay in Payment

First in order to receive money from AdSense you have to verify your home address. AdSense sends pin that might take 2 or 3 months depend on where you live. Adsense minimum payout is 100$, once you reach this minimum amount. You have to wait for many weeks or a month to receive checks.

AdSense Make Readers Leave The Site
When someone click on ad, they leave your site. Because adsense links don’t open in new tab. Majority of Adsense ads are CPC based. In order to make money readers have to leave your blog.
So, would you like to lose readers just for few cent?
The visitor that leave your website can be;
•A lost subscriber
•A lost sale
•and so on..

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