How to Receive Foreign Online Payment in Nigeria

Nigerians and other African countries indeed are exempted from most online services and this is because of so many reasons. For Nigerians, they are exempted because of the antecedents of the whites in the hands of Nigerians online.
That is, many people who started an online business in Nigeria spoilt her reputation online. They engaged in dubious activities online like scamming the whites (popularly referred to as Yahoo Yahoo), trying to break some security measures put in place by site owners, and many others you can think of.
Another issue that led to the exemption of Nigerians is the Nigerian government’s policy that barred transactions through PayPal and other online money exchange sites. As a result, many people in Nigeria are not interested in receiving international online payment as PayPal is not available.
In this article, we would look at the various ways through which you can get your money in Nigeria from different online services that earn from. Do you wish to continue? Ok, lets get started:

Table of Content:

1.1: Introduction
1: Payoneer
2: Cheque
3: Skrill
4: Western Union Money Transfer
5: Wire Transfer

1.1 Introduction

No doubt, you can receive foreign online payment from the different websites in the world through anyone of the following payment services listed below.

1. Payoneer

Payoneer is another foreign money exchange service that still accepts Nigerians. They do so by assigning virtual U.S checking account to every person that registers with them and with this, you can receive payments online using your unique checking number and routing number.
Payoneer card allows you to receive direct payment from freelance sites and affiliate networks. Also, individuals can load funds directly to your card from another credit/debit card.
Once you have the funds on your card, you’ll get an email notification from Payoneer, and you can withdraw your funds instantly from any ATM that processes Mastercard-issued cards

2. Cheque

If you’re planning to venture (or you’re already) into some affiliate marketing programs, such as Amazon affiliates, receiving a cheque may be an option for you (note that Amazon pays directly to Payoneer cards, though). This option is suitable for freelancers, too.
Once you request your payment (from the company or individual you’re dealing with), a US cheque (check) would be sent to your mailing address, you can go and cash it in the bank where you have a domiciliary account.
Receiving funds through cheques may take weeks, depending on the bank you use as well as the issuing bank. So, this payment method may not be suitable if you need the funds urgently.

3. Skrill

The second most popular and largest e-payment service in Nigeria, based in United Kingdom. Skrill is also a payment service just like PayPal and is still available for Nigerians to receive funds from anywhere in the world. It can also be used to make purchases if the said service allows the use of Skrill.
Skrill allows you to fund your account with Naira just like PayPal, but it is worthy of note that you will not be allowed to access all the features of Skrill until you verify your account. You can withdraw funds from your Skrill account directly to your Nigerian bank account at any time.

4. Western Union Money Transfer

Although this method is not available on some online money making platforms, it is also ideal for receiving money from your business partners, freelance clients, friends and family members abroad. To do this, you will be required to provide valid government-issued ID card before you are allowed to receive the payment.
This method is not advised if you are receiving a small amount of money because of the service charges on the service. You might end up losing so much money in the process after all charges are deducted from it

5. Wire Transfer

Wire transfer is another great and effective option to receive money in Nigeria from almost all online money making ventures ranging from AdSense payment, affiliate marketing sites, etc. This involves the sending of the money in either dollar or euro format to your domiciliary account.
What is a domiciliary account you may be asking? This is an account that has the ability to receive foreign currencies depending on the one you specified when you are creating the account. Almost all banks in Nigeria provide this type of account service to their customers.
It requires $100 to open this account but if you do not have the dollars, you can bring a Naira equivalent of it. There is no need to fear because, at any point, you can close down the account and withdraw the whole money in it.
Some affiliate marketing firms, AdSense, and other online money making ventures accept this type of transfer. You only need to get the details for your domiciliary account and provide them on the said site, and then request for payment. The payment might take some days or a few weeks before they arrive depending on the bank.

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