The 5 Secret of Success in Blogging

Blogging nowadays became one of the top business online. Many top bloggers made a lot of money on blogging. There are some certain rules or instructions one have to know before making an effort on blogging. These are the top secrets of success behind blogging:

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1. Start At The Beginning

The first step to build blog is accepting the fact that you will have to work hard. No one is going to do it for you. No one is going to help you. Your blog is your baby and you are a single parent, solely responsible for its growth.

Blog building begins, just like a magazine, by creating something worth reading. You would never go out and hand out copies of your fanzine if it had only one or two articles in it. Before we even talk about finding readers for your blog you have to ask whether the readers you are chasing will read your blog once they get there. Take a good look at your blog and review whether your starting content is worthy enough to capture and retain the attention of readers. If you just switched the “on” button for your blog then there is only one thing you need to worry about. Forget about traffic. Sit down, get your writers hat on and start writing articles.

2. Invest in Your Blog

For a long time, I avoided spending any money on this website. I bootstrapped everything and viewed every expense negatively. “That designer would be nice but I can’t afford it. I’ll just create a crappier design myself.”

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A blogging journey without investment in just like a city without buildings! All I meant here is that, you can't start a blog without investing. You will have to invest in your blog to enable it be a "BLOG" not a page. Just take a look at the successful business people on earth, you will find that everyone of them had invested which later drives him/her to the path of that success.

What should I invest?
1. Invest money - especially for purchasing host and domain
2. Invest time - you will have to spend time publishing articles in your blog
3. Others - and others needs of you and your blog

3. Action

The only reason why the most successful bloggers in the world are today being referred to as “bloggers” is that they started blogging in the first place. They took action quickly at a time when blogging wasn’t popular and they have now achieved enviable successes. They didn’t balk. They didn’t wait for the “perfect time.” And they didn’t keep searching for information on how to blog. They started somewhere. If they hadn’t taken that action, they wouldn’t have gotten any results.

It's important to stay focused on your blog's growth instead of spreading yourself too thin. For example, it's good to spread your wings and develop a presence on multiple social media destinations such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and so on. However, the quality of your blog content and activities shouldn't suffer because you've diversified your online presence. Make sure your blog is always your top focus, because if your blog quality deteriorates, no one will want to visit no matter how much you promote it on Twitter and Facebook.

4. Persistence

Most of the top successful bloggers started blogging around 10 years ago when blogging was literally unknown more especially in Africa. Back then, using the internet was expensive, and attracting an audience was quite difficult. Top bloggers know that success doesn't happen overnight. You need to stick with your blog, post consistently, and be prepared to be patient and persistent. They didn’t give up due to their passion for what they were doing. And today, that persistence has paid off.

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Don't forget "Persistence is the key of success" - Mohiddeen Ahmad

5. Consistency

If you check the archives of the most successful bloggers in the world, you’d observe something about them: they have been consistent. They have been publishing posts frequently and at predictable intervals right from their earliest days in blogging. Now, they blog every day. And their audience expects something new from them every day.

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