12 Tips to Boost Your Blogging Career

All bloggers have one thing in common: they want their blog to succeed. For most bloggers, success means converting loyal followers. Well, first, running a blog is really hard and time-consuming. Putting posts up is not going to result in money falling like rain (though judging by some of the people I’ve seen on paid trips, it can amount to a drizzle). You have to work for it. It takes persistence. Unless you hit the Internet “viral” lottery, you should expect to plug away for a least a year with minimal success.
No matter when or why you started your blog, a few tweaks here and there to your blog and your attitude can change things for the better. I’ll be sharing the top tips to improve your blogging career today, check out below:

1. Find a Niche

This little bit of advice has been bouncing around the Internet since the dawn of the first successful blog. Still, a lot of newbie bloggers don’t take this advice to heart, partially because a lot of new bloggers aren’t sure what to blog about and partially because others don’t know what a niche is. They just start posting on their blogs without knowing the secrets of the job.
Back when blogging in 2008, it was easy to maintain a general budget travel blog You could cover a wide range of travel topics and face little competition. There was only a handful of bloggers. Now, there are too many long-established blogs and websites to do that. (And you’d also be way behind in Google search results.)
Examples of niches include:
- Travel
- Parenting
- Health
- Finance
- Entertainment
- Beauty
- News
- Fitness
- Web Design
While it’s true that there are blogs on practically every niche, the key to really being successful and hitting your target audience is to narrow your topic even further. Find a hole in the market and focus on that. This will reduce your competition while making you a go-to expert in your niche. I recommend being as narrow and focused in your topic(s) as possible.
For example if you wanted to start a travel blog. Instead of focusing on travel in general, you might narrow your focus to a single country or city. That way, you become the number one go-to blog for people looking to visit that area. Moreover, focusing lets you become an expert. You can be the person to whom readers always turn for information on this subject or that destination, which allows you to cultivate a bigger presence online. Don’t try to be everything to everyone. Go narrow. Go deep.

2. Don’t Be Afraid to Self-Promote

Promoting your own project on social media or within your group of friends is intimidating for a lot of people. You don’t want to sound like you are bragging, and you definitely don’t want to come across looking like spam.
If you want to succeed, however, you have to get the word out there, and who better to do that than you? It’s all part of the marketing process, and bloggers have to learn how to use social media and blog commenting functions to market themselves.
Sometimes tooting your own horn isn’t all that bad. The key is to find a balance between self-promotion and humility. Many bloggers and social media enthusiasts suggest using 80 percent of your social comments and shares to promote other people’s works and 20 percent of it promoting your own products and services.

3. Invest in Your Blog

For a long time, I avoided spending any money on my website. I bootstrapped everything and viewed every expense negatively. “That designer would be nice but I can’t afford it. I’ll just create a crappier design myself.”
A blogging journey without investment in just like a city without buildings! All I meant here is that, you can't start a blog without investing, especially if you want to turn your blogging into a hobby. You will have to invest in your blog to enable it be a "BLOG" not a page. Just take a look at the successful business people on earth, you will find that they had invested which later drives them to the path of success.

4. Be Persistent

Most of the top successful bloggers started blogging around 15 - 10 years ago when blogging was literally unknown in some part of the world. And if you check their archives you’d observe something about them: they have been persistent. They have been publishing posts frequently and at predictable intervals right from their earliest days in blogging. Back then, using the internet was expensive, and attracting an audience was quite difficult. But they were persistent. They didn’t give up due to their passion for what they were doing. And today, that persistence has paid off.
Don't forget “Persistence is the key of success” – Mohiddeen Ahmad

5. Create Products

Businesses sell something — and so should you. Whether it’s a course, a book, t-shirts, tours, or just other people’s products via affiliate marketing, give your audience an opportunity to support your website. Offering products for sale allows you to be independent from sponsors and brand deals and not compete with other travel bloggers for spots on press trips (see below). It allows you to scale your website and your revenue. Many products offer value to your readers by going more in-depth and in detail than a blog post usually allows.
There are few travel bloggers that produce products. Most of the time, travel bloggers end up making money by creating sponsored content and getting paid to go on trips. That’s cool if that is something you want to do, but that is time-consuming and requires you to be constantly working (and it’s soul-sucking). You never have time to relax or do something for yourself. It’s not a hamster wheel you want to be tied to.
Products allow you to generate something once and earn revenue while sleeping, sightseeing, or getting a suntan on a beach!

6. Extend Your Blog

To get people to stick around and keep coming back, it’s worth extending your reach outside of simple blog posts. This helps you reach more people who enjoy other forms of content and contact, and it keeps your blog from getting boring.
Examples of ways to extend your reach include:
- Hanging around industry forums or social media
- Sending out newsletters
- Starting a podcast series
- Releasing videos

7. Create Quality Content

People have been saying it for years, and the saying still holds true. Content is king. Without well-written and engaging content, your blog isn’t going to go anywhere. Yes, your blog design and your marketing tactics are important, but they’re practically useless if you don’t have quality content. People may come because of the marketing, but they’ll stay when you deliver content they need.
Pro tip: Creating content users “need” can encompass anything from teaching them something to providing entertainment. While blogging about yourself can have its benefits, you should always be focusing on solving the readers problems first (whether they want a good laugh or are looking for advice). Satisfying their needs is what will drive readers to subscribe to your blog.
Have you seen success with other techniques? Let us know what you’ve done with your blog that your readers love.

8. Action – Work Hard

The only reason why the most successful bloggers in the world are today being referred to as “bloggers” is that they started blogging in the first place. They took action quickly at a time when blogging wasn’t popular and they have now achieved enviable successes. They didn’t balk. They didn’t wait for the “perfect time.” And they didn’t keep searching for information on how to blog. They started somewhere. If they hadn’t taken that action, they wouldn’t have gotten any results.

9. Learn From Experts

I know practices makes perfect, but no one is perfect. No one should be taken to university without having the first school leaving certificate. You can start your social media marketing by learning some tips and strategies from experts. Some experts has 2-3years experienced in that field, while you are just starting. So learning from them will help you launch your successful SM marketing. Read what experts have to say, learn what works, and apply the tips you pick up to your blog. If someone has been there and done that, why try to learn that through trial and constant error? Read the best way to do it… and do it!
There are LinkedIn Groups, Facebook Groups, Tweet Chats, and Google+ Communities. Joining these communities brings you together with like-minded persons, and you can learn from each other.

10. Read a lot, Write..

A blogger should always willing to learn, read and write. Most bloggers share their experience just for others to learn. Do spend some time to read other blogs so that you can increase your knowledge too. I am always shocked at how few travel bloggers develop their skills by reading. Very few read any marketing, strategy, business, or self-development books.
Running a blog is running a business, and if you don’t go to “school” and constantly learn, you’re going to fall behind. Every successful person I know is a voracious reader. They constantly try to improve their skills and knowledge. You must always be student. You must always learn. I read a lot besides travel books. I consume marketing books, management, writing, history books, and biographies. Even if you only get one idea from the book, that book was worth it. I read at least one book a week and am often reading multiple books at a time. Travel, history, business, fiction.

11. Have a Budget

Do you have a budget or negotiate a business plan? Its always good to have a budget for your blog – negotiate a business plan. This will help you manage/start your successful business in blogging.

12. Make Social Media Your Friends

I know you have been on social media for a long time, and I’m sure that you have been seeing different bloggers sharing their blog posts. Its time to make social media your friends, share you blog, communicate with top bloggers, learn from experts.


By incorporating these tips into your approach when you first start out you will dramatically increase the likelihood of you becoming a successful blogger + boosting your blogging career. You should take your blogging business seriously to achieve you goal.

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