How to Make Your First $1000 as a Freelance Writer Without Experience

Do you want to earn huge amount of money online in freelancing, and without experience? Experience is king! You can sell or use your experience to make money both online and offline. I know you have been seeing different type of people making money using their experience, knowledge. But the question here is that; have you ever asked yourself how to make money when you have no experience? Today, I’ll take you to that way you’re looking for, and am 100% sure you’ll love it.
I’ll be outlining the simple strategies and concepts for you to make your first $1,000 as a freelance writer when you have no experience. Don’t think $1,000 is too high, but ask me why. See reasons below:

    – Because you’re newbie

    – And you probably have no experience

    – And the most important thing is you’ll learn how making money in freelance writing is.

With these three reasons above, you’ll understand that you can make $100,000 when you have experience. Though, freelancing is a big field and one of the most popular ways to make money. But we’ll look on how you will make money as a “freelance writer” today without that experience.

Let me ask you, have you ever write an article yourself? Or any other content relating to stories or otherwise? Can you write an article on the categories below:

    – Fiction

    – Nonfiction

    – Poetry
If not any, I’ll be giving you some samples to help you learn better and write yours. Note that when you decides to create an article, you should think and write good content that attracts peoples’ attention. Content writing is a big deal and one of the top skills everyone need to be specialized in. I know you’ve been reading different types of textbooks and eBooks. This gives you the opportunity to learn from those books you’ve been reading. Yes, I mean to learn how those books had been published and to know their content length.

If you’re ready, let’s get started.


Writing a nonfiction article might be easier for you than fiction. Writing a nonfiction is all about the facts or real events. Find a pen and a book and start writing the true stories of yours. Let me give you some samples of nonfiction articles below:

Siography of King Elliot Musk

Genre: Biography
Author: Mohiddeen Ahmad

“The powerful king that lived for over 100 years in the 12th century was King Elliot Musk. He was one of the great and famous people in the history of the world. Musk was righteous to his people, as a result his kingdom remains the most powerful. Musk has a wife, Juliet and only one son Prince Deen Musk. But there was only one thing that his people doesn’t like with him and that was the prohibition of international business. Even though they feed their selves with the food they planted. At the end of the king’s life, he allows his people to import and export goods and services within their continent. He died after a brief illness.”

How to start an online business

Genre: Business
Author: Mohiddeen Ahmad

“Do you enjoy online business and wants to start yours today? I myself enjoy online business because you don’t have to spend your hours on transportation in other countries or busy with customers in your shop. To start online business, I’ll be mentioning the top 3 lucrative for you to start with, these are:
1. eCommerce
2. Flipping online services
3. Affiliate marketer
To start your ecommerce store, you have to get a computer, capital, website… It is not necessary for you to rent an office, just find a small one to store your products. Secondly, if you wants to be flipping online services, then you can definitely make more money. Domain name, website, premium theme or script are all example of online services. And lastly, affiliate marketing – you will just need to promote products online and get commission on any products bought through the link you shared.”

Welcome back. As you read the samples of the articles wrote above all in nonfiction category, you will notice that the first is a biography with 118 words, while the second for business with 148 words The first article shows the short story of the life of King Elliot Musk, while the second briefly describes what online business is and the lucrative online business fields. Here, I want you to understand that both biography and business are all nonfiction, with addition to health, travel, history, art and music, true crime, cooking and home, religion etc. Nonfiction is just involving in real things, real people and real events.
Now find a pen and a book and start writing your own nonfiction. Any article to write should be:

    – 1,000+ words length

    –Well punctuated and grammar

    –In English or any popular language

    –Attracts peoples’ attention

Your article should be 1,000+ words length. This is just because you’re newbie, but there are many bloggers and content writers that publishes 10,000+ words articles. You will be practicing how to write an article that should be 1,000 words. Your article should be well-punctuated and grammar, and make sure that the article you’re writing will attracts peoples’ attention, may be motivational, funny or inspirational.


Hope you’ve learnt how to write a nonfiction article above? And do you wants to move to learning the steps to write a fiction story? Fictions are types of literary writing that focus on imaginative writings, instead of real facts. A writer based on his imagination creates fiction, like imaginary things, imaginary people or imaginary events. I’ve mentioned above that nonfiction involves in real facts and writings, which means a story or biography that have ever happened or facts is nonfiction. While fiction writings is just imagination, like novels, films, science fiction or crime thriller. An example of a fictional novel is “A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens”, and “Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe”

Below are the sample of two fiction stories:

The Sunday Morning

Genre: Novel
Author: Mohiddeen Ahmad

“It was around 7:00am when I wake up. I knew I had to take bath and brush my teeth before eating my breakfast. I came back to my room after taking bath to dress up. The only thing going round in my head was the dream I had that night. I laughed whenever I thought it. “I know this is impossible.” I muttered while trying to wear my shirt. And without noticing her or hearing her footsteps, she asked me with her shaky voice “What is it brother?”
“It is my cup of tea” I replied without looking at her and briskly went out. The day was bright, I just felt very happy without knowing a reason that day. I looked up the sky where I noticed the big clouds would bring rain. I then moved my legs to dining table to eat my breakfast. As I entered, I heard the sound of thunder and again noticed that the rain was ready.
“Moses” I heard a call. I knew it was daddy, so I left the dining table and moved my legs to upstairs where his room is. I knocked the door and without waiting for responds I entered.
“Good morning, daddy” I greeted respectfully
“Morning how are you son?
“I am fine daddy”
“I’ll send you to my friend’s house after the raindrops”
“OK daddy..” my phone beeped when trying to stand up, then, I quickly picked trying to read the text message.. I couldn’t explain how I felt after reading it, but just sat on the sofa when I get into my room. Smile raced all over my face, I kept reading the text message again and again. “Why am I so happy?” I asked myself twice but no answer.
“Because of the text message you recently read” my heart suggested.
“No” I muttered “I was so happy today even before I received the text”
I took my phone and decided to reply the text I received. My head started spinning when I saw the ‘Reply message’ phrase in my phone because I don’t even know what to write.
“Just thank her” my heart suggested again
“No” I rejected, “..this is not what I deserved to reply”
“Ok what of praising her?”
“Yes!” I dragged my laptop and sat down properly. I knew I Installed a new software called ‘1000 Love SMS’ last week. So I switched on the system trying to drag the arrow on ‘Search bar’. I searched the software and luckily found it. I then dragged my cursor and clicked on the topic entitled ‘Special love SMS’. As I started reading it, I collapsed, shouting “WOW!”
I took my phone and started copying and typing in my phone “Your texts and sweets talks impresses me – this is because I love you. I know if the sky should tremble, and the mountains should crumble and fall into the seas, I won’t be afraid as long you are with me. I LOVE YOU”
As I finished, I tapped on ‘Reply’ and in seconds the message have successfully sent.”

The Heart Know the Truth

Genre: Film
Author/Screenwriter: Mohiddeen Ahmad

“The film opens with an angry Jalal, narrating the story of his love life to a business tycoon, Dr. Kazeem. Aliyah, an intelligent girl from a rich family studies in the same university as Jalal. He accidentally falls in madly love with her at her first sight, although she is unaware of his existence. Meanwhile, Jalal is afraid to express his feelings to Aliyah. One day he decides to send her a text message as he cannot reveal his love to her face to face. This makes Aliyah feels disappointed even though she don’t know who is he. Jalal tries various tantrums to impress her, but in vain. His attempts are always thwarted by his friend, Adewale, who also loves her.
One day, Jalal decides to express his feelings to Aliyah, but teases him in fronts of his colleagues and leaves him with heartbroken. This makes him fell in lovesickness, as his heart is full of worries.. Things become complicated when Jalal finds out that his friend, Adewale is secretly in love with Aliyah. They both vie with each other to impress Aliyah, leading to a cold war between them. Jalal is able to convince Aliyah at the second time, while her friends forces her to tease him again but rejects their offers and begins to show affection to him.
Aliyah promises to love Jalal but on the condition that he should let her think. While Jalal is eager to get a respond from her, he receives no reply for over a month and he is able to talk to her. Suddenly, Aliyah expresses her feelings to Jalal – she loves him. Their love life is full of joy and happiness.”

Welcome back. You’ve now seen the examples of fiction writings. The first is a novel entitled “The Sunday Morning” contained 511 words while the second is a film genre entitled “The Heart Knows the Truth” contained 280 words length. You should learn that the first novel narrates the story of Moses and what happened to him on that Sunday morning. While the last is a sample of a script, i.e film genre fiction. It briefly narrates how Jalal kept confessing his love to Aliyah which was later accepted and their love life begins.
As you read all the four (4) samples of fiction and nonfiction writings, I’m hoping you too can learn and write yours. Just take a pen and write how you enjoyed or spent your last weekend (nonfiction) or write on your own imagination (fiction), like a novel, romance, film etc..

POETRY – Play a significant role

Do you enjoy writing poems? And have you ever write it yourself? What you might don’t know is you can also make money writing poems. The one you’ve been taught in primary school will be a source of income for you today. Poem is simply a literary piece written in verse. When it comes to making money as a freelance writer, writing poetry play a significant role. It helps article writers to boosts their career. The only thing you need to start is to learn how poetries are written. I’ll be giving some samples for you to start:

           1. Sonnet 98 – By William Shakespeare

           From you have I been absent in the spring,

           When proud-pied April, dressed in all his trim,

           Hath put a spirit of youth in everything,

           That heavy Saturn laughed and leaped with him.

          Yet nor the lays of birds, nor the sweet smell

           Of different flowers in odour and in hue

           Could make me any summer’s story tell,

           Or from their proud lap pluck them where they grew.

           Nor did I wonder at the lily’s white,

           Nor praise the deep vermillion in the rose;

           They were but sweet, but figures of delight,

           Drawn after you, you pattern of all those.

           Yet seemed it winter still, and you away,

           As with your shadow I with these did play.

             2. Fire and ice – By Robert Frost

             Some say the world will end in fire,

             Some say in ice.

             From what I’ve tasted of desire

             I hold with those who favor fire.

             But if it had to perish twice,

             I think I know enough of hate

             To say that for destruction ice

             Is also great

             And would suffice.

             3. As I Grew Older – By Langston Hughes

             It was a long time ago.

             I have almost forgotten my dream.

             But it was there then,

             In front of me,

             Bright like sun – my dream.

             And then the wall rose,

             Rose slowly,


             Between me and my dream.

             Rose until it touched the sky – The wall.


             I am back.

             I lie down in the shadow.

             No longer the light of my dream

             before me,

             Above me.

             Only the thick wall.

             Only the shadow.

             My hands!

             My dark hands!

             Break through the wall!

             Find my dream!

             Help me to shatter this darkness,

             To smash this night,

             To break this shadow

             Into a thousand lights of sun,

             Into a thousand whirling dreams

             Of sun!

Welcome back. I am not a poetry writer, but I do try and brought you some samples to help you write a better one. When starting to write some poems, you should note the following:

     – Minimum length of poem is 30 verses

     – Get a name of your poetry first

     – Learn from others

     – Edit, edit, edit..

Article writing, eBook publishing and blogging all required or focuses on quality content. You must firstly know that “Content is king”, the length of content is your price. So when you decide to write an article, expand its length, ask people to help you edit it better and put it in your mind that you are going to create quality content. Don’t consider how long time it would take you to write an article, weather nonfiction, fiction, or poetry. The only thing to look is to focus on quality content. It drives you to where you’ve never been. Just relax and write your work no matter how many weeks it would take.

Its time to make your first earning as a freelance writer..

When you finish your writings, I know the only thing you will keep thinking of is how you are going to make your first earnings. This is not a problem, I’ll show you the way.

What I’ll firstly ask you is what sort of your writing is:

    – Fiction

    – Nonfiction or

    – Poetry
And how long length is your article? Don’t worry I will explain. Below are the list of high-paying places to summit your article:

Submit Your Articles to Magazines

Submitting to online magazines means to submit your articles to different websites online and get paid after reviewing the work. Here are few those websites to submit your article to:

1. The Sun Magazine
The Sun Magazine, founded since 1974, one of the most popular online magazines based in United States, accepts premium articles based on fiction, nonfiction and poetry. The Sun Magazine is

How much do they pay?
The Sun Magazine pays writers based on sort of the article and depending on the content length:

   Nonfiction – From $300 to $2,000

   Fiction – From $300 to $2,000

   Poetry – From $100 to $250
 You can learn more here

2. VQR Online
Virginia Quarterly Review (VQR) strives to publish the best writing they can find. After “The Sun Magazine”, the second best place to submit your article and get paid is VQR. They pay a minimum of $200 for a single poem, just depends on content length.

How much do they pay?
Here is the list of VQR payment on each genre:

   Fiction – minimum of $1,000 for short fiction

   Nonfiction – minimum of $1,000 for other prose, such as personal essays and literary criticism.

   Poetry – $200 per poem, up to 4 poems; for a suite of 5 or more poems, usually pays $1,000 and above.
 You can learn more here

Sell Your Articles to Other People

Do you prefer selling your articles to other people than to online magazines? You can sell your articles online on any price you wish. The most interesting benefit of selling your articles to different type of people is; it helps you build your own brand. Here are the top ways to sell your works online:

1. Sell on Fiverr
Fiverr is a good place to sell your poems to everyone online. All you need is to create an account and edit your profile. You can create a listing offering to write a custom poem. Be sure to include some images and examples in your listing. Click here to learn more

2. Sell on Etsy
After Fiverr, Etsy also allows its members to sell their products including poems online. You can create prints of your poems on paper in a frame or on a canvas and sell that way. You could also sell your own greeting cards. While this can take some patience and have some upfront costs, with the right marketing can be a good way to get your poems in the hands of others while getting paid for your work. You can learn more here

3. Sell on Digitalpoint
Digitalpoint is a digital marketplace where people from different part of the world swaps online services such as website, theme, premium article, eBook etc. Digitalpoint will help you sell your articles to different people at your price. All you need is to visit the page and create an account and post your ads including your article price, words length etc.

4. Sell on your website
Apart from submitting your writings to third-parties, you can build your own brand simply by creating a website. A blog (or website) allows you to publish thousands of articles. If you are a professional writer, you can hire a web developer to create a website for you, and by then you may have two options:

    – Premium content
If your article is very helpful and you want to earn from it, you can ask your readers to pay some amount of money before being able to read it online

    – By listing your articles
The second way is by listing your article as featured post on the top of your website including the sign of ‘premium article’, which means the article is for sell.

You can advertise/promote your website and articles on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit etc.


With regards for reading the article “How to Make Your First $1,000 as a Freelance Writer without Experience”, I hope you found it helpful and useful, and I’m eager to hear from you next time with your $1,000+. You should know that making money online is not too hard, or too easy as some people think. All what you need to do is to understand the concept and the lucrative ways for you to start. As you can see above, both VQR and the The Sun Magazine need rich contents in their platforms. It’s always good to start from the beginning, don’t dump Fiverr and Etsy, they’ll help you build your own platform in the future.

At last, I’ll be glad if I receive your messages in Flowdiary Blog email address, (available in ‘Contact us’ page). You can also contact for feedback or post it the comment box below. Thank You!

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